Giải chạy Sihanoukville International Half Marathon

Ochheuteal beach of Sihanoukville – Kingdom of Cambodia

Giới thiệu

Letter to all runners around the world!

With the great success of the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon to run build a better future and aid for children and disable people... we now extending the international event to one of the most beautiful bays in the world as the beach just been recognized by the international club of the most beautiful bays in the world in May 2011.

The serious matters of pollution, global warming, and unexpecting series of calamities on our globe in this century bring a very deep concern to us all. To save our nature and for the well-being of the present-day mankind and the future generation, we eagerly appeal to all runners around the world come to join and share your great concern of these matters in the first event of the Sihanouk Ville International Half Marathon. Your great consciousness and presence should be very grateful and warmly welcomed in the Kingdom of Cambodia. More information about our race:

Mua cá nhân

Loại vé Regular
(24/11 - 24/01)
(25/01 - 29/02)
3km 500,000đ 625,000đ
5km 625,000đ 875,000đ
10km 1,000,000đ 1,250,000đ
21km 1,375,000đ 1,625,000đ

Bảng giá

All registration fee cannot refund, transfer to other runners, and change race category.

Registration Deadline

  • Registration Deadline on 29 Feb, 2024
  • Online-registration link is not acceptable after deadline date 
  • Onsite registration at Race Kit spot is acceptable with limited spaces!

Change of race distance:

  • You are required to pay the difference between the applicable fee at the time of change and the fee 
  • You originally paid if fee for new race distance is higher (No refund if fee for new distance is lower), It is accepted before the deadline and the changing race should be endured the extra admin fee of 20 USD).


Race Package Collection Spot/Final Confirmation Site

All participants who completed registration, Please print out your confirmation registration through the email or a race confirmation letter to present our team to claim your race kit as below mention.

** Last minutes registration is available for all participants at Race Kit Collection Spot with limited space.


  • Location: Booth Ochheuteal beach, near Beautiful Bay Statue –Sihanoukville province
  • Date & Time: 05-06 April, 2024 9:00PM –17:00PM
  • Cell phone: (+855)15-213-525 |69-213-525


It is compulsory for all participants to attend the Race Package Collection Spot. In case of you are unable to be present, you can please ask someone else to collect race package on your behalf and the item required is registrant has to write a letter of authorization to notice someone’s name and also bring the registrant’s race confirmation e-mail or letter along with

Registration fee included

  • An event singlet
  • A finisher’s medal (21Km, 10km, 5km and 3Km)
  • A finisher’s t-shirt for only of 21Km
  • An e-certificate for completing the race (21Km & 10Km)
  • A personalized bib tags (21km and 10km)
  • A personalized race bib
  • A Sponsor’s goodies (Based on sponsor available items)

** T-shirt sized are not allowed to change upon your collect your stuffs after you had ordered in advance through your registration

Bản đồ

Lịch trình

Events Schedule

  • Running Race : Ochheuteal Beach, Sihanoukville
  • Date : Sunday 07 April, 2024

  • All participants should be arrived the race point at least 30minutes before race start!

Running Course

Starting point of the race will be located in Ochheteal Beach area (as it shown in website). Running course is kind of some hills, little ups and downs including few beaches along the course that you could see view of beautiful beaches such as: Victory Beach, Sokha Beach, Serendipity Beach (very small to see between Sokha Beach and Serendipity Beach), and downtown area as well. Since you are new to running, however, when to implement hill training into your routine depends on where you are with your training and please take more attention than flat training.

Water Station

Every 2km the water station was set up for delivering water to each participant. The staffs will distribute the water all runners when needed.

Check Point

For the Champion Chip was set up at turning point as follow:

  • Half Marathon (21km) : Point of Half Marathon and Point of 10km 
  • 10km Race : Point of 10km

On the running course was marked the number of kilometer.

Medical and First-Aid Posts

First aiders are on standby along the race route to ensure that timely as per mentioned in course map and efficient medical attention can be rendered at all times. Participants can also approach route marshals for assistance to call for medical assistance.

Medical Advisory

Participants are strongly advised to stop your race and alert the nearest marshal if there are experience any of the below.

1. Light-headedness 

2. Dizziness 

3. Nausea 

4. Sudden fatigue 

5. Chest pain 

Certificate/Chip Recovery

All athletes of Half Marathon and 10.5km Race will be timed by means of a computer chip tied onto shoelace. To be sure that we collect of these chips after runners have completed the race, must be return the Timing Chip to the organizer and finisher medals are distributed in exchange only of Half Marathon and 10.5km Race runners.

Race Result

We will update race result of event in 3 days after race’s day.

Thông tin khác

How to get there (event venue)

As Sihanoukville improves a lot in parts of trade, tourist business and other sectors, the road to Phnom Penh had to be rebuild properly. Now you can run the perfectly paved National Highway No 4 linking the capital with this seaside resort (230km) and takes about 4hours from Phnom Penh city to get there by land. Getting around by air, there is no international flights or ferries to Sihanoukville, Cambodia Angkor Air now offers direct Siem Reap to Sihanoukville flights, please check with a travel agent for the current flight schedule for more detail information.

From town to Ochheuteal Beach area takes about 20minutes by Tuk Tuk and 15minutes by Taxi or Bus to the race point area. All the participants of Sihanoukville –Angkor Beer International Half Marathon should be arrived the event place at least 20minutes before starting time. All the categories will be start and finish in front Occheuteal Beach.


There are two distinct seasons: Rainy Season and Dry Season. However, Dry Season is divided into two sub-seasons, cool and hot. These seasons are:

  • Rainy Season : From June till October 27 –35c.
  • Dry Season (cool) : From November till February 17 –27c.
  • Dry Season (hot) : From March till May 27 –36c.

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